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Friday June 24th: Oxjam Fundraiser at SAWA

Well we finally start officially tomorrow with our first fund raising gig down at SAWA. We’ve got 3 lovely bands to help us out tomorrow and it’s only £3 in. All proceeds go towards our fund-raising events, so come along and help us get things moving.

So playing for us tomorrow are the following:


Ican say without a shadow of doubt, Firesuite are one hell of a live band having caught them before and have been long standing supporters of Oxjam events in Sheffield. The video above was actually recorded at last years event.

We think they’re a wonderfully psychedelic band that transport you to somewhere far away! They’re also playing the Oxjam Takedown Festival for us in October too, so thank you again guys.

Glistening Pelt

Well it wouldn’t be Sheffield without some super electro tuneage and these guys have it in spades. With a cannon of work that guarentees you get you shaking your thang ( i think that’s what the young people call it), The Pelt are developing a reputation as the city’s new electro kings.

Once again, they’re playing both tomorrow and Oxjam in October, so again, thank you for being there for us.

The Colliers


A swift trip down the road from Doncaster, sees the progressive popsters come along to join the Oxjam party. With a cavalcade of up-tempo toe tapping indie pop, these guys could put a smile on a statue. We’re delighted that The Colliers agreed to pop along to help us out at Oxjam Towers and we hope you give them a proper Sheffield welcome.

So there you have it, the day is almost upon us when Oxjam Sheffield Takeover 2011 begins. We hope to see you there from 8:30pm, £3 in.