Sheffield Oxjam’s First Fundraising Gig

So, the wheels are in motion behind the scenes, so we thought we’d better update you on what’s coming up. We’ve been inundated with bands wanting to help out for this years Oxjam Festival here in Sheffield, so after wading through all that we’ve begun to look at getting some other events up and running.

First up, on June 24th, we have our first official fundraising night hosted by those lovely chaps Honey Badger Promotions at SAWA, Arundel Gate in Sheffield. We’ve got the wonderful Firesuite, the delightful Glistening Pelt, and rocking The Unfortunate Incident confirmed so far.

It’s going to be £3 on the door and all proceeds go towards our Oxjam Target and with the quality of the acts confirmed for some of our warm up gigs and events coming up, we’re pretty positive that we can make this Sheffield’s best Oxjam yet.


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