So who should we ask??

Well, here in Sheffield Oxjam Towers, once we were confirmed as this years coordinators, it seemed the obvious next step would be to gauge the level of interest and see just who would be interested in playing this years festival.

With a little insight in to how far in advance bands can be booked up, even on an unsigned level, instead of waiting until summer to start chasing acts, we thought why not simply get the ball rolling now and start to confirm who we wanted and book them in.

So, between us here, we’ve probably got 35 acts lined up from Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire so far, including one or two surprise guests from over the Pennines too. We’ll be featuring some of the lovely people who have said yes over the next few posts and to be fair, no one has said no, some acts we wanted simply can’t fit us in, are already booked or have holidays to take.

This is an event for Sheffield and despite the crux of the issue being that we want to raise as much money as is possible for a very fine cause, who do you want to see play at this years event? Are there any local bands we’ve missed or simply don’t know about? If so, leave us a link or a message and we’ll take a look and see what we can do. Let’s make this an event to remember.


2 responses to “So who should we ask??

  1. Did I hear you mention the West Midlands??

  2. Supajamma and v thirteen from manchester, i have their contacts if needed

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